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Led walls
- LED -

Led Displays

Perfect image, stunning effect.

Meeting individual needs: we design and manufacture customised LED display solutions.
Wide range of products: we offer a variety of LED display products to meet a wide range of needs.
Full service: we offer free technical support and after-sales services.

We present unique LED display solutions developed to meet a wide range of needs.


Environment:We are committed to sustainable development and offer energy-saving LED displays

- control -

Colorlight Cloud

Bring the content to life.

Colorlight is a high-tech company that offers its customers comprehensive solutions in the field of LED controls, with video processing algorithms at the core and hardware at the backbone. Relying on advanced core technology, Colorlight products are widely used in XR virtual studios, smart cities, major celebrations, large-scale events, performing arts stages, TV studios, business centers and more,Colorlight Cloud is today one of the world's leading LED controller manufacturers and cloud-based LED display control providers. The company's products and services are used in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Colorlight Cloud aims to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into its LED display products and services.

Colorlight Cloud also has a Hungarian office in Budapest. TZSVTAV...

- AVoIP -


The Future Connection

AVoIP (Audio and Video over Internet Protocol) is playing an increasingly important role in the transmission of audio and video content. Thanks to the rapid development of the technology, AVoIP has the potential to revolutionise communication and media in many areas.

NDI, the Network Device Interface, is an open source, royalty-free standard for the transmission of video and audio sources over networks. It enables real-time video distribution with low latency, making it ideal for live streaming, video conferencing and other professional applications.

AVoIP is used to transmit audio, video and control signals over IP networks.The system can be easily extended by adding new sources or displays. Avoid the cost of dedicated analogue cables and leverage existing IP infrastructure. Supports high resolution video and high bandwidth, providing excellent sound and picture quality.

- Service -


We repair your LED panels at a special price!

Services of the service:

LED panel repair
LED panel maintenance
Diagnosis of LED panels
LED panel replacement

Bring the coupon to the TZSVTBand Ltd.
Present it to the service agent.
The discount will be automatically credited to the repair fee.

Skilled service technicians
Fast and professional repairs
Reliable spare parts
Warranty on repairs

in advance

TZSVTAV - A LED displays master of LEDs

TZSVTAV is not just a supplier and manufacturer of LED displays - we are partners in elevating visual communication.

Innovative solutions:

  • Our team is pushing the boundaries of technology to develop groundbreaking LED screens that will impress your target audience.
  • We constantly research and apply the latest LED technologies to provide you with the most advanced solutions on the market.

Tailored perfection:

  • We know that every project is unique. That's why we are committed to finding the perfect fit.
  • Our expert team will help you choose the most suitable LED display by thoroughly assessing your needs.
  • Whether you need a display with a unique size, shape, resolution or brightness, we can make it happen.

High quality without compromise:

  • We use only premium quality materials and rigorous manufacturing processes.
  • Our LED video walls are durable, reliable and long-lasting, so you can be confident in your investment.
  • All our products are subjected to strict quality control to ensure that they work perfectly.

Competitive pricing:

  • We believe that excellence does not have to be a luxury.
  • Our LED displays are competitively priced to suit a variety of budgets.
  • We also offer flexible financing options to make your purchase easier.

Our product range:

  • Indoor LED displays: provide a stunning visual experience in shops, auditoriums, hotels and other indoor venues.
  • Outdoor LED displays: weatherproof and bright, they are captivating in any conditions.
  • LED video walls: seamless integration of multiple screens for stunning visual impact.

TZSVTAV is not just an LED display manufacturer - we are your partner for success.

Get a personalised quote and take your visual communication to the next level!

let's Stand Together

A new dimension of visual communication. Colorlight

let's Stand Together

Become A Volunteer

  • Find a reliable partner for LED displays.
  • You get high quality products and services.
  • You can be sure of the successful operation of your LED display.

"Be a better version of yourself."

TZSVTAV is a LED screen manufacturer and solution provider. We offer a wide range of high quality LED displays that are subjected to stringent quality control.

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